public void CanRegisterAnInterrupter()
                var executor = new BTExecutor(new ModelSuccess(null));
                var modelInterrupter = new ModelInterrupter(null, new ModelSuccess(null));

                executor.RegisterInterrupter((ExecutionInterrupter)modelInterrupter.CreateExecutor(executor, null));

            public void TicksTheInterruptBranchTheSpecifiedNumberOfTimes()
                var model = new ModelInterrupter(null,
                    new ModelSuccess(null)
                        Interrupter = new InterrupterBranchTask(null)
                    }) {NumInterrupterBranchTicks = 10};

                var context = new BasicContext();
                var executor = new ExecutionInterrupter(model, new BTExecutor(model, context), null);


                Assert.AreEqual(10, TestInterrupterExecutor.RecordedTicks);
  * Returns the ExecutionInterrupter that is currently active and registered in the BTExecutor (
  * {@link #registerInterrupter(ExecutionInterrupter)}) whose associated ModelInterrupter is
  * <code>modelInterrupter</code>. Returns null if there is no such an ExecutionInterrupter.
  * @param modelInterrupter
  *            the ModelInterrupter associated to the ExecutionInterrupter to retrieve.
  * @return the ExecutionInterrupter whose associated ModelInterrupter is
  *         <code>modelInterrupter</code>.
 public ExecutionInterrupter GetExecutionInterrupter(ModelInterrupter modelInterrupter)
     return _interrupters.ContainsKey(modelInterrupter) ? _interrupters[modelInterrupter] : null;
 ///Creates an ExecutionInterrupter that is able to run a ModelInterrupter
 ///task and that is managed by a BTExecutor.
 ///@param modelTask the ModelInterrupter that this ExecutionInterrupter is going to run.
 ///@param executor the BTExecutor in charge of running this ExecutionInterrupter.
 ///@param parent the parent ExecutionTask of this task.
 public ExecutionInterrupter(ModelInterrupter modelTask, IBTExecutor executor, ExecutionTask parent)
     : base(modelTask, executor, parent)
     _interrupted = false;