Exemple #1
        StatsCallback m_OnCompletion; // will be called on the worker thread, is that OK?

        #endregion Fields

        #region Constructors

        public Job(int nAnts, int nCubes, int nMaxTime, StatsCallback dOnCompletion = null)
            // I don't really like Hungarian notation but it's become a habit from sheer repetition.
            m_nAnts = nAnts;
            m_nCubes = nCubes;
            m_nMaxTime = nMaxTime;
            m_OnCompletion = dOnCompletion;

            m_summarystats = new Descriptives();
            m_RNG = new MathNet.Numerics.Random.MersenneTwister(); // clock-based default seed.
Exemple #2
 internal static extern void rd_kafka_conf_set_stats_cb(IntPtr conf, StatsCallback stats_cb);
Exemple #3
 internal static void conf_set_stats_cb(IntPtr conf, StatsCallback stats_cb)
     => _conf_set_stats_cb(conf, stats_cb);