Exemple #1
        private TimeSpan ts; // timestamp of last neutron v. requested time

        #endregion Fields

        #region Constructors

        public Cycle(LMLoggers.LognLM logger)
            // Raw counts aka totals
            singles = new VTuple();
            dsid = new DataSourceIdentifier();
            qcstatus = new QCStatusMap();
            countresults = new CountingResults();
            daqStatus = CycleDAQStatus.None;
            this.logger = logger;
            hitsPerChn = new double[NC.ChannelCount];
Exemple #2
 /// <summary>
 /// Sets the status of the cycle stream processing if processing ended before a fully formed status block was parsed.
 /// The status is None if no end block was encountered, and if it is none and the parsed message is empty, set status to UnspecifiedTruncation
 /// </summary>
 public void SetDatastreamEndStatus()
     if (daqStatus == CycleDAQStatus.None && string.IsNullOrEmpty(Message))
         // cycle was completed abnormally due to interruption or premature end of stream
         daqStatus = CycleDAQStatus.UnspecifiedTruncation;
     //else if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(Message))
     //    logger.TraceEvent(NCCReporter.LogLevels.Verbose, 7832, "SetStatus on cycle {0}", daqStatus);