Represents Sheet Email object used for sending a sheet by Email.
Inheritance: Email
コード例 #1
 /// <summary>
 /// <para>Send a report as a PDF attachment via Email To the designated recipients.</para>
 /// <para>It mirrors To the following Smartsheet REST API method: POST /reports/{reportId}/emails</para>
 /// </summary>
 /// <param name="reportId"> the reportId </param>
 /// <param name="email"> the Email </param>
 /// <exception cref="System.InvalidOperationException"> if any argument is null or empty string </exception>
 /// <exception cref="InvalidRequestException"> if there is any problem with the REST API request </exception>
 /// <exception cref="AuthorizationException"> if there is any problem with  the REST API authorization (access token) </exception>
 /// <exception cref="ResourceNotFoundException"> if the resource cannot be found </exception>
 /// <exception cref="ServiceUnavailableException"> if the REST API service is not available (possibly due To rate limiting) </exception>
 /// <exception cref="SmartsheetException"> if there is any other error during the operation </exception>
 public virtual void SendReport(long reportId, SheetEmail email)
     this.CreateResource<SheetEmail>("reports/" + reportId + "/emails", typeof(SheetEmail), email);
コード例 #2
 private static void SendSheet(SmartsheetClient smartsheet, long sheetId)
     SheetEmail sheetEmail = new SheetEmail { SendTo = new Recipient[] { new Recipient { Email = "[email protected]" } }, Subject = "Subject", Format = SheetEmailFormat.PDF };
     smartsheet.SheetResources.SendSheet(sheetId, sheetEmail);