private bool GrantApiAccess(string apiKeyGrantedAccess, List<string> method_arr, bool isAsync, GrantApiAccessCallback callback, Object state)
            var parameterList = new Dictionary<string, string> { { "method", "facebook.permissions.grantApiAccess" } };
            Utilities.AddRequiredParameter(parameterList, "permissions_apikey", apiKeyGrantedAccess);
            Utilities.AddJSONArray(parameterList, "method_arr", method_arr);

            if (isAsync)
                SendRequestAsync<permissions_grantApiAccess_response, bool>(parameterList, !string.IsNullOrEmpty(Session.SessionKey), new FacebookCallCompleted<bool>(callback), state);
                return true;

            var response = SendRequest<permissions_grantApiAccess_response>(parameterList, !string.IsNullOrEmpty(Session.SessionKey));
            return response == null ? true : response.TypedValue;
 /// <summary>
 /// This method gives another application access to certain API calls on behalf of the application calling it. The application granted access is specified by permissions_apikey. Which methods or namespaces can be called are specified in method_arr.
 /// </summary>
 /// <example>
 /// <code>
 /// private static void RunDemoAsync()
 /// {
 ///     Api api = new Api(new FBMLCanvasSession(Constants.WebApplicationKey, Constants.WebSecret));
 ///     api.Session.UserId = Constants.UserId;
 ///     api.Session.UserId = Constants.UserId;
 ///     var method_arr = new List&lt;string&gt; { "admin" };
 ///     api.Permissions.GrantApiAccessAsync(Constants.WebApplicationKey2, method_arr, AsyncDemoCompleted, null);
 /// }
 /// private static void AsyncDemoCompleted(bool result, Object state, FacebookException e)
 /// {
 ///     var actual = result;
 /// }
 /// </code>
 /// </example>
 /// <param name="apiKeyGrantedAccess">The API key for the application that is being granted access.</param>
 /// <param name="method_arr">JSON array of methods and/or namespaces for which the access is granted. If this is not specified, access to all allowed methods is granted.</param>
 /// <param name="callback">The AsyncCallback delegate</param>
 /// <param name="state">An object containing state information for this asynchronous request</param>        
 /// <returns>The method returns a bool value indicating whether the call succeeded or failed. </returns>
 /// <remarks>The only namespace that can be granted access at this time is admin. </remarks>
 public bool GrantApiAccessAsync(string apiKeyGrantedAccess, List<string> method_arr, GrantApiAccessCallback callback, Object state)
     return GrantApiAccess(apiKeyGrantedAccess, method_arr, true, callback, state);