/// <summary>
        /// Sets the output cache parameters and also the client side caching parameters
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="context"></param>
        /// <param name="fileName">The name of the file that has been saved to disk</param>
        /// <param name="fileset">The Base64 encoded string supplied in the query string for the handler</param>
        /// <param name="compressionType"></param>
        /// <param name="page">The outputcache page - ensures server side output cache is stored</param>
        private void SetCaching(HttpContextBase context, string fileName, string fileset, CompressionType compressionType, OutputCachedPage page)
            //this initializes the webforms page part to get outputcaching working server side

            // in any case, cache already varies by pathInfo (build-in) so for path formats, we do not need anything
            // just add params for querystring format, just in case...
                //the e-tag to use
                (fileset + compressionType.ToString()).GenerateHash(), 
                //10 days
                //vary-by params
                new[] { "t", "s", "cdv" });

            //make this output cache dependent on the file if there is one.
            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(fileName))