Esempio n. 1
        /// <summary>
        /// Write out a namespace reference
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="spaceReference">The namespace reference information</param>
        /// <param name="writer">The write to which the information is written</param>
        public void WriteNamespace(NamespaceReference spaceReference, XmlWriter writer)
            if(spaceReference == null)
                throw new ArgumentNullException("spaceReference");

            if(writer == null)
                throw new ArgumentNullException("writer");

            NamespaceTarget spaceTarget = targets[spaceReference.Id] as NamespaceTarget;

            if(spaceTarget != null)
                WriteNamespaceTarget(spaceTarget, writer);
                TextReferenceUtilities.WriteNamespaceReference(spaceReference, writer);
        // Writing link text for unresolved simple references

        internal static void WriteNamespaceReference(NamespaceReference space, XmlWriter writer)