/// <summary>
		/// Remove all vulnerable urls with all 0 for classification
		/// </summary>
		/// <remarks>
		/// This doesn't seem correct. However, looking through many of the returned results are not acutally XSS vulns
		/// Some were generic urls and some were SQL injections.
		/// </remarks>
		private static void cleanData() {
			var falsePositive = new Classification("", "TRUE");
			var data = File.ReadAllLines(FileManager.VULN_URL_LIST_FILE);
			List<Classification> cl = data.Select(url => new Classification(url, "TRUE")).Where(c => c.AreIdentical(falsePositive)).ToList();
			List<string> urls = cl.Select(c => c.url).ToList();
			File.WriteAllLines("test.txt", urls);
		/// <summary>
		/// Compares two classifications and returns whether they are identical ignoring the source url
		/// </summary>
		/// <param name="c">The classification to compare with</param>
		/// <returns>True if the two are identical</returns>
		public bool AreIdentical(Classification c) {
			if (c == null) return false;
			if (c.Characters != this.Characters) return false;
			if (c.Class != this.Class) return false;
			if (c.DomEvents != this.DomEvents) return false;
			if (c.EncodedCharacters != this.EncodedCharacters) return false;
			if (c.JsEventHandlers != this.JsEventHandlers) return false;
			if (c.ScriptCount != this.ScriptCount) return false;
			return true;