public static double CllocationDistanceFromLocation(ISN_CLLocation location1, ISN_CLLocation location2)
            return(_ISN_CL_Cllocation_DistanceFromLocation(JsonUtility.ToJson(location1), JsonUtility.ToJson(location2)));
Exemple #2
 /// <summary>
 /// Returns the distance (measured in meters) from the current object's location to the specified location.
 /// This method measures the distance between the location in the current object
 /// and the value in the location parameter.
 /// The distance is calculated by tracing a line between the two points
 /// that follows the curvature of the Earth, and measuring the length of the resulting arc.
 /// The arc is a smooth curve that does not take into account altitude changes
 /// between the two locations.
 /// </summary>
 /// <param name="location">The destination location.</param>
 /// <returns>The distance (in meters) between the two locations.</returns>
 public double DistanceFromLocation(ISN_CLLocation location)
     return(ISN_CLNativeAPI.CllocationDistanceFromLocation(this, location));