CreateThemeFromPhrases() public méthode

Concatenates the given phrases and assigns the result to Theme. ** Note that this will potentially modify phrase1. **
public CreateThemeFromPhrases ( PhraseNode phrase1, PhraseNode phrase2 ) : void
phrase1 PhraseNode The first phrase.
phrase2 PhraseNode The second phrase.
Résultat void
        /// <summary>
        /// Assigns part-of-speech tags, and sets Action, Theme and Arguments for methods that have a reactive name.
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="mdn">The MethodDeclarationNode to parse.</param>
        protected void ParseReactiveName(MethodDeclarationNode mdn)
            //this assumes that the name has already been split and the preamble stripped

            mdn.Action = mdn.ParsedName[0].GetNewWord("handle", PartOfSpeechTag.Verb);
            mdn.CreateThemeFromPhrases(mdn.Preamble, mdn.ParsedName);
            mdn.IsReactive = true;