A light weight object used in the merge dlg to show relevant objects.
Inheritance: IComparable
Example #1
		/// <summary>
		/// Set up the dlg in preparation to showing it.
		/// </summary>
		/// <param name="cache">FDO cache.</param>
		/// <param name="wp">Strings used for various items in this dialog.</param>
		public void SetDlgInfo(FdoCache cache, Mediator mediator, WindowParams wp, DummyCmObject mainObj, List<DummyCmObject> mergeCandidates,
			string guiControl, string helpTopic)

			Debug.Assert(cache != null);

			m_mediator = mediator;
			m_cache = cache;
			m_mainObj = mainObj;
			m_tsf = TsStrFactoryClass.Create();

			m_fwTextBoxBottomMsg.WritingSystemFactory = m_cache.LanguageWritingSystemFactoryAccessor;
			m_fwTextBoxBottomMsg.WritingSystemCode = m_cache.LangProject.DefaultUserWritingSystem;

			InitBrowseView(guiControl, mergeCandidates);

			// Get location to the stored values, if any.
			object locWnd = m_mediator.PropertyTable.GetValue("mergeDlgLocation");
			// JohnT: this dialog can't be resized. So it doesn't make sense to
			// remember a size. If we do, we need to override OnLoad (as in SimpleListChooser)
			// to prevent the dialog growing every time at 120 dpi. But such an override
			// makes it too small to show all the controls at the default size.
			// It's better just to use the default size until it's resizeable for some reason.
			// And when I do this, it works the first time, but later times the window is
			// too small and doesn't show all the controls. Give up on smart location for now.
			//object szWnd = this.Size;
			object szWnd = null; // suppresses the smart location stuff.
			if (locWnd != null && szWnd != null)
				Rectangle rect = new Rectangle((Point)locWnd, (Size)szWnd);
				ScreenUtils.EnsureVisibleRect(ref rect);
				DesktopBounds = rect;
				StartPosition = FormStartPosition.Manual;

			Text = wp.m_title;
			label2.Text = wp.m_label;

			m_helpTopic = helpTopic;

			if(m_helpTopic != null && FwApp.App != null) // FwApp.App could be null for testing
				helpProvider = new System.Windows.Forms.HelpProvider();
				helpProvider.HelpNamespace = FwApp.App.HelpFile;
				helpProvider.SetHelpKeyword(this, FwApp.App.GetHelpString(m_helpTopic, 0));
				helpProvider.SetHelpNavigator(this, System.Windows.Forms.HelpNavigator.Topic);
Example #2
		private void SetSelectedObject()
			int hvo = m_bvMergeOptions.AllItems[m_bvMergeOptions.SelectedIndex];
			m_obj = m_candidates[hvo];
			btnOK.Enabled = true;