Developer Console class
Inheritance: MonoBehaviour
    private void OnConsoleAttached(DeveloperConsole.DeveloperConsole dc)
        //Initialize console stuff here
        _developerConsole = dc;

        //Register commands
            new CommandDispatcher.Command("ping", "Prints 'pong!' in the console", ExampleCommandEventHandler), true);

        //Register Tick/KeyUp/KeyDown events after we have access to the console
        Tick += OnTick;
 /// <summary>
 ///     Register this script with the console
 /// </summary>
 /// <param name="s">The script to register</param>
 /// <param name="c">The console attached callback</param>
 public static void RegisterConsoleScript(this Script s, DeveloperConsole.DeveloperConsole.OnConsoleAttached c)
     DeveloperConsole.DeveloperConsole.RegisterConsoleScript(s, c);