public async Task GivenJobWithConstructorArgs_ItResolvesThemFromTheContainer()
                // Arrange
                var expected = new SomeService();
                var host = new TestServiceHost(
                    componentRegistrations: b => {

                var job = new JobDescription("test", typeof(TestJobWithService));

                var dispatcher = new JobDispatcher(new[] { job }, host.Container);
                var invocation = TestHelpers.CreateInvocation(Guid.NewGuid(), "Test", "test", new Dictionary<string, string>());
                var context = new InvocationContext(invocation, queue: null);
                var slot = new ContextSlot();
                // Act
                await dispatcher.Dispatch(context);
                // Assert
                Assert.Same(expected, slot.Value);
 // Call context doesn't flow up the call stack, only down, but it's
 // a shallow copy (i.e. objects are copied as references), so we can
 // use a property on a dummy object to fake passing things up the call stack in the test
 internal static void SetContextSlot(ContextSlot value)
     CallContext.LogicalSetData(typeof(TestJobWithService).FullName + "!ContextSlot", value);