protected virtual void OnItemsRemoving(ItemsRemovingEventArgs e) {
     if (this.ItemsRemoving != null)
         this.ItemsRemoving(this, e);
        /// <summary>
        /// Remove all of the given objects from the control
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="modelObjects">Collection of objects to be removed</param>
        /// <remarks>
        /// <para>Nulls and model objects that are not in the ListView are silently ignored.</para>
        /// <para>Due to problems in the underlying ListView, if you remove all the objects from
        /// the control using this method and the list scroll vertically when you do so,
        /// then when you subsequenially add more objects to the control,
        /// the vertical scroll bar will become confused and the control will draw one or more
        /// blank lines at the top of the list. </para>
        /// </remarks>
        public override void RemoveObjects(ICollection modelObjects) {
            if (this.DataSource == null)

            // Give the world a chance to cancel or change the removed objects
            ItemsRemovingEventArgs args = new ItemsRemovingEventArgs(modelObjects);
            if (args.Canceled)