public void StatusReply_TestEverything()
            AgentInfo agentInfo = new AgentInfo(1001, AgentInfo.PossibleAgentType.BrilliantStudent) { ANumber = "A0001", FirstName = "Joe", LastName = "Jone" };

            StatusReply r1 = new StatusReply(Reply.PossibleStatus.Success, agentInfo);
            Assert.AreEqual(Reply.PossibleStatus.Success, r1.Status);
            Assert.AreSame(agentInfo, r1.Info);

            r1 = new StatusReply(Reply.PossibleStatus.Success, agentInfo, "test note");
            Assert.AreEqual(Reply.PossibleStatus.Success, r1.Status);
            Assert.AreSame(agentInfo, r1.Info);
            Assert.AreEqual("test note", r1.Note);

            ByteList byteList = new ByteList();

            Message msg = Message.Create(byteList);
            Assert.IsTrue(msg is StatusReply);
            StatusReply r2 = msg as StatusReply;
            Assert.AreEqual(r1.Status, r2.Status);
            Assert.AreEqual(r1.Info.Id, r2.Info.Id);
            Assert.AreEqual(r1.Info.LastName, r2.Info.LastName);
            Assert.AreEqual(r1.Note, r2.Note);
        /// <summary>
        /// Factor method to create a message from a byte list
        /// </summary>
        /// <param name="messageBytes">A byte list from which the message will be decoded</param>
        /// <returns>A new message of the right specialization</returns>
        public static new StatusReply Create(ByteList messageBytes)
            StatusReply result = null;

            if (messageBytes==null || messageBytes.RemainingToRead<MinimumEncodingLength)
                throw new ApplicationException("Invalid message byte array");
            if (messageBytes.PeekInt16() != ClassId)
                throw new ApplicationException("Invalid message class id");
                result = new StatusReply();

            return result;