Пример #1
 /// <summary>
 /// Deprecated Method for adding a new object to the StructureTypes EntitySet. Consider using the .Add method of the associated ObjectSet&lt;T&gt; property instead.
 /// </summary>
 public void AddToStructureTypes(StructureType structureType)
     base.AddObject("StructureTypes", structureType);
Пример #2
 /// <summary>
 /// Create a new StructureType object.
 /// </summary>
 /// <param name="id">Initial value of the ID property.</param>
 /// <param name="name">Initial value of the Name property.</param>
 /// <param name="markupType">Initial value of the MarkupType property.</param>
 /// <param name="abstract">Initial value of the Abstract property.</param>
 /// <param name="color">Initial value of the Color property.</param>
 /// <param name="version">Initial value of the Version property.</param>
 /// <param name="code">Initial value of the Code property.</param>
 /// <param name="hotKey">Initial value of the HotKey property.</param>
 /// <param name="username">Initial value of the Username property.</param>
 /// <param name="lastModified">Initial value of the LastModified property.</param>
 /// <param name="created">Initial value of the Created property.</param>
 public static StructureType CreateStructureType(global::System.Int64 id, global::System.String name, global::System.String markupType, global::System.Boolean @abstract, global::System.Int32 color, global::System.Byte[] version, global::System.String code, global::System.String hotKey, global::System.String username, global::System.DateTime lastModified, global::System.DateTime created)
     StructureType structureType = new StructureType();
     structureType.ID = id;
     structureType.Name = name;
     structureType.MarkupType = markupType;
     structureType.Abstract = @abstract;
     structureType.Color = color;
     structureType.Version = version;
     structureType.Code = code;
     structureType.HotKey = hotKey;
     structureType.Username = username;
     structureType.LastModified = lastModified;
     structureType.Created = created;
     return structureType;