/// <summary>
		/// Creates a new instance of the WixPackageFilesEditor.
		/// </summary>
		/// <param name="view">The UI for the package files editor.</param>
		/// <param name="fileReader">The file reader hides the file system and the
		/// workbench from the editor so the class can be easily tested.</param>
		/// <param name="documentWriter">The file writer hides the file system and the
		/// workbench from the editor.</param>
		/// <param name="directoryReader">The directory reader hides the file system
		/// from the editor.</param>
		public WixPackageFilesEditor(IWixPackageFilesView view, ITextFileReader fileReader, IWixDocumentWriter documentWriter, IDirectoryReader directoryReader)
			document = null;
			this.view = view;
			this.fileReader = fileReader;
			this.documentWriter = documentWriter;
			this.directoryReader = directoryReader;
 public StaticFileArticleRepository(
     string articleDirectoryPath, 
     IArticleParser articleParser, 
     IDirectoryReader directoryReader)
     _articleDirectoryPath = articleDirectoryPath;
     _articleParser = articleParser;
     _directoryReader = directoryReader;
		public WixPackageFilesDiff(IDirectoryReader directoryReader)
			this.directoryReader = directoryReader;