Example #1
        /// <summary>
        /// Spawn a building on the position
        /// </summary>
        private void SpawnBuilding(Vector3 position, GameObject prefab, BuildingSite building)
            var road = building.ParentRoad;

            //Make the building face the road, make a perpendicular line from the building pos to the road
            var lookAtPos = road.FindPerpendicularPointOnLine(new Point(position.x, position.z)).ToVector3();

            //get correct spawn height from the terrain
            position.y = _terrain.SampleHeight(position);
            lookAtPos.y = position.y;

            //Get bounds of the prefab and store them
            var size = prefab.GetPrefabBounds();
            building.Width = (int)size.x;
            building.Height = (int)size.z;

            //don't spawn when there is a collision
            var colliderPos = position;
            colliderPos.y += size.y / 2;
            if (isOverlapping(prefab, position))

            //instantiate the building
            var go = (GameObject)Object.Instantiate(prefab, position, prefab.transform.rotation);

            //look at the road

            //flip on Y
            go.transform.RotateAround(position, go.transform.up, 180);
            go.isStatic = true;

            building.UserData = go;

            //Remove grass and other details around the object

            //Add to the buildings list
Example #2
        /// Check if there is an overlap
        private bool isOverlapping(GameObject prefab, Vector3 pos)
            var colliderPos = pos;
            var size = prefab.GetPrefabBounds();
            colliderPos.y += size.y / 2;

            var collisions = Physics.OverlapBox(pos, size/1.5f);
            return collisions.Length > 1;