public void CreateAlbum(string title, string description, string location, DateTime date, bool makePublic)
            if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(title))
                throw new ArgumentException("title is null or empty.", "title");

            if (description == null)
                description = String.Empty;
            if (location == null)
                location = String.Empty;

            Album album = new Album() {
                Title = title,
                Location = location,
                Summary = description,
                Access = makePublic ? "public" : "private",
                Updated = date

            album.PicasaEntry.SetPhotoExtensionValue("timestamp", date.ToUnixDateTime().ToString());
            _picasaService.Insert(new Uri(PicasaQuery.CreatePicasaUri(_username)), album.PicasaEntry);
 /// <summary>Returns specified metrics for your application, given a time period.</summary>
 /// <param name="startTime">A Unix time for the start of the range (inclusive).</param>
 /// <param name="endTime">A Unix time for the end of the range (inclusive). The <code>end_time</code> cannot be more than 30 days after the <code>start_time</code>.</param>
 /// <param name="period">The length of the period, in seconds, during which the metrics were collected. Currently, the only supported periods are 86400 (1 day), 604800 (7-days), and 2592000 (30 days).</param>
 /// <param name="metrics">A JSON-encoded list of metrics to retrieve (e.g. <code>["active_users", "canvas_page_views"]</code>).</param>
 public FacebookResponse<FacebookList<Metrics>> GetMetrics(DateTime startTime, DateTime endTime, ApplicationMetricPeriod period, params String[] metrics)
     return this.GetMetrics(startTime.ToUnixDateTime(), endTime.ToUnixDateTime(), (Int64)period, JsonConvert.SerializeObject(metrics));