AssignStructuralInformation() public method

Initializes the fields containing structural information about the method. This includes the location, return type and parameters.
splitter is null. tagger is null. Context property is not set.
public AssignStructuralInformation ( IdSplitter splitter, Tagger tagger ) : void
splitter IdSplitter An IdSplitter to split the method name into words.
tagger Tagger A Tagger to tag the parts-of-speech of the name.
return void
Example #1
 /// <summary>
 /// Determines whether the given MethodDeclarationNode meets the conditions for this rule.
 /// This method assumes that the name is parsed, preamble is stripped, and digits and prepositions are tagged.
 /// </summary>
 /// <param name="node">The MethodDeclarationNode to test.</param>
 /// <returns>True if the node meets the conditions for this rule, False otherwise.</returns>
 protected override bool MakeClassification(MethodDeclarationNode node)
     node.AssignStructuralInformation(this.Splitter, this.PosTagger); //necessary to check event handler-ness
     return IsEventHandler(node.FormalParameters);