/// <summary> Write a Create XML Element from attributes in a member. </summary>
        public virtual void WriteCreate(System.Xml.XmlWriter writer, System.Reflection.MemberInfo member, CreateAttribute attribute, BaseAttribute parentAttribute, System.Type mappedClass)
            writer.WriteStartElement( "create" );

            WriteUserDefinedContent(writer, member, null, attribute);

            // Write the content of this element (mixed="true")

Example #2
 /// <summary>
 /// Private constructor for DicomVr.
 /// </summary>
 /// <param name="name">The two digit text name of the VR.</param>
 /// <param name="isText">Boolean telling if the VR is text based.</param>
 /// <param name="isSpecificCharacterSet">Boolean telling if the value for Specific Character Set impacts the VR.</param>
 /// <param name="isMultiValue">Boolean telling if the VR supports multiple values.</param>
 /// <param name="maxLength">The maximum length of the tag, 0 if the tag is unlimited in length (max value of 2^32).</param>
 /// <param name="is16bitLength">The VR is encoded with a 16 bit length for Explict VRs</param>
 /// <param name="padChar">The character used for padding with the VR.</param>
 /// <param name="unitSize">The size in bytes for binary VRs of each value encoded</param>
 /// <param name="createDelegate">A delegate to create <see cref="DicomAttribute"/> instances for the specific Vr.</param>
 private DicomVr( String name,
                 bool isText,
                 bool isSpecificCharacterSet,
                 bool isMultiValue,
                 uint maxLength,
                 bool is16bitLength,
                 char padChar,
                 int unitSize,
                 CreateAttribute createDelegate)
     _name = name;
     _isText = isText;
     _specificCharSet = isSpecificCharacterSet;
     _isMultiValue = isMultiValue;
     _maxLength = maxLength;
     _is16BitLength = is16bitLength;
     _padChar = padChar;
     _unitSize = unitSize;
     _createDelegate = createDelegate;