Ejemplo n.º 1
 /// <summary>
 /// Internal constructor which initializes itself from
 /// from an ITaskTrigger interface.
 /// </summary>
 /// <param name="iTrigger">Instance of ITaskTrigger from system task scheduler.</param>
 internal Trigger(ITaskTrigger iTrigger)
     if (iTrigger == null)
         throw new ArgumentNullException("iTrigger", "ITaskTrigger instance cannot be null");
     taskTrigger = new TaskTrigger();
     taskTrigger.TriggerSize = (ushort)Marshal.SizeOf(taskTrigger);
     iTrigger.GetTrigger(ref taskTrigger);
     iTaskTrigger = iTrigger;
Ejemplo n.º 2
 /// <summary>
 /// Creates a new, bound Trigger object from an ITaskTrigger interface.  The type of the
 /// concrete object created is determined by the type of ITaskTrigger.
 /// </summary>
 /// <param name="iTaskTrigger">Instance of ITaskTrigger.</param>
 /// <returns>One of the concrete classes derived from Trigger.</returns>
 /// <exception cref="ArgumentNullException"></exception>
 /// <exception cref="ArgumentException">Unable to recognize trigger type.</exception>
 internal static Trigger CreateTrigger(ITaskTrigger iTaskTrigger)
     if (iTaskTrigger == null)
         throw new ArgumentNullException("iTaskTrigger", "Instance of ITaskTrigger cannot be null");
     TaskTrigger sTaskTrigger = new TaskTrigger();
     sTaskTrigger.TriggerSize = (ushort)Marshal.SizeOf(sTaskTrigger);
     iTaskTrigger.GetTrigger(ref sTaskTrigger);
     switch ((TriggerType)sTaskTrigger.Type) {
     case TriggerType.RunOnce:
         return new RunOnceTrigger(iTaskTrigger);
     case TriggerType.RunDaily:
         return new DailyTrigger(iTaskTrigger);
     case TriggerType.RunWeekly:
         return new WeeklyTrigger(iTaskTrigger);
     case TriggerType.RunMonthlyDOW:
         return new MonthlyDOWTrigger(iTaskTrigger);
     case TriggerType.RunMonthly:
         return new MonthlyTrigger(iTaskTrigger);
     case TriggerType.OnIdle:
         return new OnIdleTrigger(iTaskTrigger);
     case TriggerType.OnSystemStart:
         return new OnSystemStartTrigger(iTaskTrigger);
     case TriggerType.OnLogon:
         return new OnLogonTrigger(iTaskTrigger);
         throw new ArgumentException("Unable to recognize type of trigger referenced in iTaskTrigger",
Ejemplo n.º 3
        private ITaskTrigger iTaskTrigger; //null for an unbound Trigger

        #endregion Fields

        #region Constructors

        /// <summary>
        /// Internal base constructor for an unbound Trigger.
        /// </summary>
        internal Trigger()
            iTaskTrigger = null;
            taskTrigger = new TaskTrigger();
            taskTrigger.TriggerSize = (ushort)Marshal.SizeOf(taskTrigger);
            taskTrigger.BeginYear = (ushort)DateTime.Today.Year;
            taskTrigger.BeginMonth = (ushort)DateTime.Today.Month;
            taskTrigger.BeginDay = (ushort)DateTime.Today.Day;